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The Beechmont Beerware Hotel Development Index

The Beechmont Beerware Hotel Development Index is a comparative guide to the strength of various hotel markets, and a guide to where there might be untapped demand for new hotel development, or where purchase of an existing property might generate a good return.

It lacks precision and needs a little more work before you can take it to the bank, but it is a potentially useful planning and decision-making tool.

For now, it's a little North Carolina and southeastern U. S.-centric -- since that's where we are -- but that will also change over time.

Frequent changes and updates occur, so bookmark this page (click here) and keep checking back.

As the above sample illustrates, Groton-New London, Connecticut, would be a very good place (at +24%) to develop a Class A mid-market property (a Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express or Fairfield by Marriott). Little Rock, Arkansas, by contrast, is very weak (-31%) and we would strongly advise staying away from that one. Both Jacksonville, Florida and Montgomery, Alabama get a somewhat neutral recommendation (+2 to 3%) -- unless you have reason to want to own a hotel there, you can do better in other places.

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You are completely responsible for your interpretation and use of the data you collect from us here, and neither Beechmont Hotels Corporation, nor any of our employees, nor anyone connected with us, nor any of the people they let hang out in our front office late at night in violation of our company policies; may be held liable in any way for any harm or misfortune connected with your use of it, or any problems you encounter with the IRS arising from the attempted deduction of your charitable contributions to our guys.

The Beerware Index works like a lie detector test: all it gives you is the data. You use the brain that God gave you to interpret that data, and to make your own decision and be responsible for your choice.


You may download a current, incomplete copy of the index here, at no charge, although we do ask for a small donation to our Night Auditors' Drug and Alcohol Abuse Fund. (We make them do much of the work during their dead time on third shift; so we incentivize it for them a bit, let them make a few extra bucks for themselves, and don't ask too many questions about how they use the money so long as they do it off duty and off property, and don't flunk a company drug test.) We accept PayPal.

Average existing rates index and local demand generators

A six-pack of Yuengling beer costs $6.45 at the nearby Sheetz store. Please at least buy one beer. The bar charges us two bucks. Thank you for your support.

This is a side project for our night auditors, who have their 'real jobs' to do and have time to mess with it only on their 'dead' time on third shift. The company isn't going to pay anyone to work on it full time unless it can generate enough revenue to cover the cost.

Existing markets

If you would like more detailed information for a city or town shown on the index, we'll give it to you for five bucks. (Here, we give you Wilson, North Carolina for free since there's not that much on it. It prints out very raw: we don't know what makes that Page 1 print out three times . . .) It will include a link to our submarket and demand generator graphic, which is constantly being updated (for some towns, it's completely non-existent and we work on it as we go along). We accept PayPal.

What city or town?
If you would like a U. S. or Canadian city ADDED to the Index, we'll be glad to do so, but the cost is slightly higher and we're a bit more insistent about getting paid -- $20.00, or one dollar for each hotel shown on that city's TripAdvisor listing of hotels, whichever is higher. (For Atlanta, which has 175 hotels listed as you can see in the screenshot below, it took most of a day and came out to $175.00 for the group who requested that one.) Along with the listing summary, which will go on the Index and be equally available to anyone; for you we will send the back data for the various submarkets within that city and each of the individual hotels. Payment is requested by invoice via PayPal, or you can click the link to the left and pay up front. We like that. Either way, PayPal will allow you to print out a receipt for your charitable donation.

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